A Warning from God

Two nights ago I had one of the most realistic dreams I’ve ever had and it literally kept me up all night. I feel like it should be shared so for whoever it’s for I hope it serves its purpose.  I won’t get into every detail of the dream but just highlight the main points.

Anyway, so in the dream me and a group of people lived in this solid gold forest. Everything was gold, the trees, leaves, grass, even the animals in the forest were gold. This forest had one particular path going straight though the middle, the only way in and out. It was an extremely peaceful, safe, secure, joyful type of place. We were all very happy and fully provided for.

For some strange reason, we all grouped up and walked out of the forest and onto this HUGE estate. The property was unreal, I’m talking pools, monuments, very expensive cars and bikes, greenest grass I’ve ever seen, the works! We continued to walk into the mansion on the property which as about four stories high. This place was filled with things I’ve never seen but somehow knew what they were in my dream. Rare gold, silver, and jade statues, top of the line technology in every room, huge flat screens, fire places decked with marble, exotic fabrics from different countries, bedrooms the size of apartments, the place was very very nice.

The more we walked around, the more we fell in love with everything, I remember some people in the group expressing how “this is way better than the forest, im never going back” although my best friend and my mentor in the dream stayed pretty skeptical of everything. Out of nowhere however, chaos immediately began to erupt. Things left and right began to catch on fire. The fire spread so fast that it wasn’t long before we were surrounded by flames. The ceiling began caving in and falling on top of people, the walls started to collapse and an earthquake was tearing apart the floor. It was terrifying, the extreme heat from the fire made it hard focus, the falling ceiling kept you looking up in fear, you couldn’t lean on anything for support because nothing was stable. Chaos, fear, confusion, destruction, panicking, death all happening at once when everythng was completely fine only moments before.

People began to die trying to escape, most tried to grab certain possessions and take them out the house but none of them survived to complete the goal, I was separated from my friend and mentor and left alone trying to escape. Suddenly I found a trail that led to a safe way out the house which was left by mentor and I managed to get out but what I saw saddened me. Outside of the house I seen nothing but bodies, the bodies of all who were there with me, including my friend and my mentor. I was the only one left. Something told me I needed to get back to where I belonged, back to the forest, so I started to head back. On the way there I stopped, half of me wanted to check the bodies again for a survivor, the other half wanted to keep going. At that moment I split into two different me’s, one went back and the other kept going toward the forest. The me that went back (stubborn me) checked the bodies again but yet found no life. I looked up and seen that the door leading to the forest was closing. I ran as fast as I could but it closed before I could get there, I wasn’t worried because I was sure I (the me that went into the forest) would come back for me, surely he wouldn’t just leave me there. Days, weeks, months, literally years went by until I was an old man standing at the door long realizing that I was stuck here outside of my home forever among the bones of those I used to live with.

I believe this has been a warning from God, to a generation of people fully indulged in a materialitic type of lifestyle. It’s a trap, Satan is using the things of this world to work as a Venus Fly Trap..luring you in with inticing things just to clamp down on you when your guard is dropped. 

People….leaving the safety of God for the things of this world is a DANGEROUS move. These things, material things, they’re all temporal, here today and gone tomorrow. They guarantee you no peace, love, stability, protection, or life! They cannot sustain you and its all headed for destruction anyway. The longer you stay away from the presence of God, the more you begin to believe that you are better off without him, which sets you up from satan to strike you. You can’t worship God and the world, you cant bring things of the world into your relationship with God. The choice is “either or” there is no “and” in this process. Don’t let material things become your new god.